Want to remember to tell a friend excited birthday, good luck or congratulations? Any follow-up question for a client the fact that just occurred to you at  7 AM? Want to write a heartfelt locating to be texted at a later date? Unfortunately, neither of them SMS nor most messaging programs – including iMessage – assist you to draft a text  in advance together with schedule it to be sent out over a later date. But a new iOS application called Scheduled will help.

To be clear, the application does not actually schedule texts for  automatic buying.

For that, you’ n need to hack  your iPhone as well as use among the jailbreak apps   rather. Apple does not allow for this efficiency, officially.

What Slated does is offer an Software package Store-approved workaround  for scheduling text messaging.

The app once more is simple and straightforward to use.

You first select the person you want to text message from your Contacts, then write the textual content you want to send and select the time you wish to be reminded to send the text. When that period rolls around, Scheduled sends you a generate notification so you can return to the software to send the text.

After sending, a quick swipe are going to delete the reminder from the app’ s queue.

Slated isn’ t only for SMS or perhaps iMessage, however – it also works with messaging apps like Telegram, WhatsApp,   Messenger, Twitter, and it will let you copy the message’ s written text to paste it into almost every other app of your choice. It can be used for reminding you of emails or calls, too.

Further the next day, Scheduled plans to add support designed for LinkedIn and Slack, and it will turns out a few tweaks to the sending movement, Apple Watch integration, and Google android support at some point.

Being fair, there are other text message scheduling blog on the App Store, but Scheduled’ s i9000 interface is clean and modern, in contrast to those I’ ve seen until now.

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  3. send with – text message [email protected]

The app itself is definitely a product from  Brthrs Agency, be sure you agency just outside Amsterdam in  The Netherlands, which does a combination of individual work and startup investing .   The team, which consists of Sebastiaan Kooijman and Robert Keus, conveys to TechCrunch that Scheduled is currently a good bootstrapped company project. They’ lso are considering making it a startup from the own, if it achieves traction.

The team  says the decide to make money is to charge $0. 99 if you want to add four or more text messages to  the queue.

Of course , many users are already seeking auto-send functionality following the app’ exercise launch a few days ago, but this is not something which Apple permits.

“ We are investigating the options [for auto-send], ” says Keus, “ and yet it’ s hard from a complicated perspective. And our concept should be to support people to  be innovative, ” he adds. “ Once we have auto-send then people could act like robots. ”


Scheduled happens to be a free download on the iTunes App Store.